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Meghan Trainor – Title | EP Review

After spending four weeks at the top of the chart, we took a look at what else Meghan Trainer has to offer in her new Title EP.

Source: Title EP Cover Art / Meghan Trainor Official Facebook Page

One mention of her name and immediately ‘All About That Bass‘ will enter your mind. Meghan Trainor has found breakthrough success with her single that artists way beyond her years can only dream of. However, with a song so ubiquitous, is this what Meghan is going for – being the girl who released that song about the booty? Although ‘Title‘ only hosts a meagre selection of four tracks, the upcoming singer takes the opportunity to showcase whilst she still has the chance.

Funnily enough, ‘All About That Bass’ was never seen as Meghan’s glitzy entry into pop stardom. Having co-written tracks for artists such as Rascal Flatts and Fifth Harmony, the song would’ve been nothing more than just a songwriting credit to the budding 20 year old if Beyoncé and Adele hadn’t turned it down. Ultimately, Meghan decided to take the song for herself in which she freshly quips “Cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chase/And all the right junk in all the right places”. Regarding such lyrics, the song’s body acceptance message has endured its fair share of scrutiny. However, it hooks you in immediately whether it’s “That booty booty” or that infamous “No treble” and really, it should be commemorated for what it is, a catchy pop song.

Title‘ shows a different side to Meghan, toning it down with her beloved ukelele. Clearly, Meghan is after the ‘girlfriend’ label with such fantastic lyrics, “Baby don’t call me a friend, if I hear that word again/You might never get a chance to see me naked in your bed”. Again, the artist knows how to get the fingers tapping and the body swaying with an infectious melody and even an unexpected rap to keep things current. Contrastingly, she returns to the 1950s with a scratchy record to begin ‘Dear Future Husband‘. Aside from some questionable diction, Meghan pulls off superb runs in this upbeat saxophone-friendly track.

In ‘Close Your Eyes‘ you can definitely imagine Meghan singing in a vintage poodle skirt to match the retro-inspired beat. The track is a relatively slow burn but considering she delivers a sound with such finesse, particularly from an era she wasn’t even born in, it does make you excited for Meghan’s full length release in February. That will give us the opportunity to see what she’s really about, other than that bass of course!

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