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Live Review: Last Witness Album Launch – The Old Blue Last, London – 17/02/12

We headed down the the free show in London for the celebration of the new album release from hardcore band Last Witness. Check out what we thought here..

Band: Last Witness
Support: Landscapes, Prowler
Venue: The Old Blue Last, London
Date: 17/02/12

It’s a Thursday night in mid February, east London, at The Old Blue Last. The place where Last Witness are holding a free show in support of their new album ‘Mourning After’. With a line up of UK hardcore gems, you can’t go far wrong.

Regretfully missing Plymouth lads, Brotherhood Of The Lake, who stepped in last minute for Breaking Point, the next band to follow were Landscapes. They played a very strong set that is reminiscent of hardcore legends Comeback Kid, portraying a great set but are somewhat let down by a fairly sombre crowd this evening. To do this band the justice they deserve would be to go see them again.

From Landscapes, Prowler take to the stage, holding nothing back; they dive straight into their set and lay waste to everything in their path. The fans that have come down to see them this evening feed off of the tremendous energy this band put forward and go absolutely mantal, with a fury of limbs flying in every direction. What Prowler have managed to do tonight, besides leaving a lot of the crowed battered, is put on a very good show indeed.

Finally, performing fresh on the back end of a UK tour supporting The Devil Wears Prada, Last Witness are in the driving seat for tonight’s show and behind the wheel is firmly where this band deserve to be. Front man Theo holds nothing back in delivering the goods as he holds The Old Blue Last to ransom, setting the example for the entire show. He is a live wire, never still and completely restless, inspiring the crowd to follow in suitable fashion. Last Witness have really shown the crowd this fine evening how to have a good time even in today’s recession bound circumstances, being a free show, there was absolutely no reason to not be at this here and if you weren’t then you most definitely missed out on a very good time.

After talking of the tour with The Devil Wears Prada and admitting that it’s nice to not be playing to fourteen year olds who don’t know who they are, they are rightful to look at home here tonight. With awe inspiring new album ‘Mourning After’ dropping this week and a live performance to follow suit and back it up, Last Witness are looking to have a very good year indeed.

Reviewer & Photographer: James Archibald

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