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Lights – Little Machines | Album Review

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Lights spent much of her pregnancy recording her new album, and now that Rocket Bokan is here as is the brand new album.

The first track on the album ‘Portal‘ was the first song we even got a preview of while recording. you can see Lights laying down some “sick baby belly beats” if you watch the video for it! Its lovely to see that Lights was bringing her daughter Rocket into the recording even before she was born. The track is beautiful and follows the calming vibes of Siberia (Acoustic).

The transition into ‘Running With The Boys‘ is seamless and Lights seems to be capturing a more 80’s nostalgic aspect with this track and it seems to be a continuing theme on the album. After a bit of time hiding away it’s lovely to hear more electronic elements throughout the album; something we were so used to hearing before. This track is also one of our favourite tracks; its just really upbeat and we cannot wait to see the video and hear this track live.

Up We Go‘ is yet another fun track that brings the electronics forward. This is a track that has been a huge hit with fans and will be a huge hit when Lights starts touring on this album. We can already see fans dancing along to this track as it’s incredibly catchy. We bet you won’t be able to listen and not move! Lights then seems to go back to a more ‘The Listening’ style with ‘Same Sea‘. It’s another typical Lights track with the high pitched vocals often associated with her.

Muscle Memory‘ is something that’s reminiscent of a track you’d hear on a television advert; more background music than stand alone track.We are back to the nostalgia vibes with ‘Meteorites‘ and we hate to say it but this track feels more like a filler track. The melody in ‘How We Do It‘ is very pleasing, unfortunately the lyrics aren’t that good. It is very difficult to overlook lyrics such as “I just want to talk, so get a bit closer” in this track, and that’s its downfall. Lights usually has such a way with words, but it seems as though pregnancy brain may have got to her a bit on this track.

Overall this album is an easy listen and we did really love the album, it just didn’t do anything new. It also would have been nice to hear a track featuring Beau Bokan (blessthefall) on this album considering Lights appears on the track ‘Open Water‘ on Blessthefall’s ‘Hollow Bodies’.

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