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Layover – Your Laughter Never Leaves | EP Review

Layover return from their hiatus with new EP Your Laughter Never Leaves.

Layover - Your Laughter Never Leaves

Source: EP Artwork

Birmingham emo outfit Layover (named for the poem by Charles Bukowski) formed in 2014, and return from a brief hiatus with five brilliant tracks that make up new EP Your Laughter Never Leaves. While some EPs can fall short due to the small amount of material that makes them up, Layover manage to prove their worth tenfold… or, should we say “fivefold”?

The record is your standard pop-punk fare, but it’s more reminiscent of early 00’s pop-punk rather than what the genre has become lately. From the sing-a-long chorus of the titular track, to the more emotional attempt that is ‘Slumber‘, Layover have showcased their abilities diversely. No two songs are the same, but they all possess an intensity that is often hard to find in smaller bands.

Another particularly brilliant point is ‘Hunger Pains‘, which lead singer Luke Rainsford described as the track that connects their older material to this new effort. It’s a solid, passionate cut that presents Layover a band insistent in becoming a success.

Rainsford explained that Your Laughter Never Leaves is “a gritty, witty and pretty [five] tracks of emo with a pop-punk heart”, and he truly hit the nail on the head. This EP is nothing particularly new but it does what it says on the tin, making it a wonderful little record that fans of older emo and pop-punk bands will enjoy nicely.

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