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KISS – Love Gun: Deluxe Edition | Album Review

Kiss are back with the deluxe edition of their album ‘Love Gun’ which features some extra bonus tracks. Find out what we thought of it here.

Source: Album Artwork

The legendary face-painting, metallic-outfit-wearing, rock band KISS, are celebrating their 40th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate that anniversary than with a deluxe 2-CD version of their 1977 platinum album, Love Gun. The album, which happens to be KISS’ sixth studio recording, was the first to feature lead vocals from all four original members, and the last album to feature the entire original KISS lineup.

The 2-CD deluxe version includes a complete re-mastered first album, with classics like the title track ‘Love Gun’, the controversial ‘Christine Sixteen’ – a song about an older man crushing on a 16-year-old. ‘Shock Me’, a song inspired by the electric shock Ace Frehley suffered during a concert, and the upbeat, out of place, but generally loved by all, Then She Kissed Me’, the gender-reversed version of The Crystals’ 1963 hit.

The second disc containing never before heard demos of the famous groupie inspired ‘Plaster Caster’, feet-stomping Tomorrow Tonight’, and legendary rock anthem ‘Love Gun’ (which definitely should have been a number one single!) give fans a way to own a piece of rock n’ roll history, and hear the musical development of one of the most elaborate, and outrageous bands in rock music.

Although ‘Much Too Soon’ wasn’t included on the original 1977 album, the demo song is a great addition to the album. The slow, psychedelic sounding track really makes you feel like you’re back in ’77, rocking out in your room with a vinyl record on.

The CD also gives fans the chance to see the creative process behind ‘Love Gun’, with Paul Stanley giving a mini lesson, and going through the various chords of the song. There’s also a 7 minute interview with Gene Simmons from 1977, and three live tracks (‘Love Gun’, ‘Christine Sixteen’, and ‘Shock Me’) that have never been available before, from their 77′ December show at the Capitol Centre.

The album might just be even better the second time around, and although it has been re-mastered, the classic rock ‘n’ roll feel has still been maintained. The demos, and special features included on the second disc really do make this the perfect present for KISS fans everywhere.

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