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Jeff Rosenstock – POST- | Album Review

Punk rocker Jeff Rosenstock is back with his new album POST-. Check out what we thought of it here!

Jeff Rosenstock

Source: Album Artwork

New York punk rocker Jeff Rosenstock surprised his fans on New Year’s Day when he released his new album POST- for free download/Bandcamp donations! But you may have missed that. And if you did, and you’re more into physical copies anyway, you’re in luck because Jeff Rosenstock is about to release POST- on vinyl, cassette and CD on the 23rd March.

POST- kicks off with ‘Mornin!’ – a quirky and adorable 5-second clip of a woman saying, “Hello best friend. It’s me. I hope this makes it on your new record”. Girl, you made it!

But this album isn’t quirky or cute. The record was written during the tense and chaotic period of the presidential election. This depressed, confused state is expressed from the beginning and throughout the album.

‘USA’ is a punchy punk tune with bold riffs and loud drums. The song features dark, gloomy undertones throughout. After a soothing, hazy instrumental, the words, “Now we’re tired / bored / we’re tired and bored…” is repeated in unison until the finale of the song, which ends in a loud, spirited burst of cheerleader-esque energy – “Et tu, USA!”

Elsewhere, ‘All This Useless Energy’ puts passionate vocals and gritty electronic flourishes in the forefront. And ‘TV Stars’ sounds like something out of a rock opera with its buzzy riffs and melancholy tone.

The happy, upbeat ‘Melba’ expresses thoughts of moving to Melbourne, Australia and starting over. (I mean, don’t we all feel this way after a shit day at work?) And ‘9.10’ is a delicate, melodious duet. The track features some of the most beautiful and magnetic instrumental work on the album. The guitar solo alone is enough to make it one of our favourites of the album.

‘Let Them Win’ closes the album with its rallying cries and thoughtful melody. The passionate, anthemic lyric, “We’re not gonna let them win” vibrates through the song and remain in the listener’s mind long after the track is over. A soft, subtle tune lingers after the 6-minute mark and gives the listener 5 minutes to reflect on the passionate and poignant album they’ve just experienced.

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