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Jack Savoretti – Written in Scars | Album Review

Jack Savoretti has returned with his fourth album, Written in Scars.

Source: Album Artwork

It is widely acknowledged that acoustic male singer-songwriters are not currently in short supply. On the face of it, Jack Savoretti doesn’t offer up anything that couldn’t be discovered elsewhere – the likes of Ben Howard, George Ezra and Paolo Nutini work to the same end, complete with the commercial success that has eluded Savoretti. However, that isn’t to say that his latest album, Written in Scars, can’t be judged on its own merits, of which it has plenty to boast. Besides, even the most saturated markets can welcome inspired additions.

The most compelling feature of Savoretti is his voice – it is raspy and hints at all kinds of determination. It’s versatile and can find its niche in all tracks of the album, however opening track ‘Back to Me’ shows his voice at its most persuasive as his husky tone mirrors the rawness of the lyrics. This rawness recurs, and means the record’s title becomes literal – it seems as though the album really was “Written in Scars” as Savoretti sings with honesty about touching stories. ‘Nobody ‘Cept You’ is particularly heart-breaking, and stripped down to let the emotional intensity take priority.

Where the album advances on the artist’s previous work is that it is more nuanced, and cathartic moments meet subtle ones to pleasing effect. This is showcased best by ‘Home’ which was met with praise when it emerged late last year. The song is layered, and fluctuates between power and reserve when you’d want it to. He demonstrates more instances of progression as his rhythmic talent reaches new heights, especially in the titular track which is driven forward by its spirited beat.

Whilst Jack Savoretti has adhered to what others like him have done before, he has produced an album worth attending to – if nothing else, it makes for charming easy-listening. It fits neatly into an established genre, but avoids sounding overwrought. He has fashioned a pleasant album, and hopefully this fourth effort will help him to reap the recognition he so definitely deserves.

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