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Is Fightstar’s New Album Behind The Devil’s Back The Incredible Return We All Hoped?

Is Behind The Devil’s Back the new incredible album we all hoped from Fightstar’s hiatus? Find out what we thought here!

Source: Official Album Artkwork

Source: Album Artkwork

Fightstar have been incredible for rock music thanks to a number of different reasons, but arguably, most importantly, it was one of the first times in memory where a successful pop star moved on from their incredibly lucrative band to start something they truly loved, and have excelled at it. After a small hiatus, Fightstar are back, and Behind The Devil’s Back has created an incredible balance with the more melodic tones that the band move into with the likes of ‘The English Way’ with the heavier tones and rough screams that the they used in their earlier tracks such as ‘Floods’ and ‘Grand Unification’.

A lot of hype surrounded Fightstar and their return to making music, some believed it to be just a one off show, but the fires in their hearts was clearly stirred and soon the band had announced they were releasing a brand new album, Behind The Devil’s Back. There isn’t much to rock the boat with the new album, it’s all feels very familiar with what the band has created before, but that familiarity is certainly a welcome return.

There was almost a melodic prog sound surrounding Fightstar, and that hasn’t been replaced, as has been stated, Behind The Devil’s Back isn’t a genre defining album, and certainly not ground breaking, but what you get are solid all round tracks that any fan of the band will enjoy. There are certainly some stand out examples available throughout. The first single of the new album, ‘Sink With The Snakes’, is an instant favourite and can quite easily slot into a greatest hits set list. ‘Sharp Tongue’ is an impressive opening, hitting every note you’ve been wishing for since the band announced they would be gone for a while, with a mix of melodic, memorable chorus’ and rough intense screams, ‘Sharp Tongue’ kicks the album off with a bang.

The crux of the album is that it’s actually a more mellow post-rock release than they’ve created before. You have the heavier parts scattered throughout, and those are certainly highlights, but musically you’re looking at something a lot more atmospheric. Think Explosions In The Sky crossed with the heavier vocals of Senses Fail and you will find Behind The Devil’s Back. It’s a solid return from Fightstar, and will certainly whet the pallet of every fan out there and is hopefully the kick the band need to get back into their stride.

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