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Imperial Leisure – Razzle Dazzle | EP Review

We checked out the new ska-punk offering from British band, Imperial Leisure. Take a look at what we thought of the EP right here!

Source: Official PR

It’s time for maverick British ska-punk band Imperial Leisure to dazzle us all. With an incredible amount of gigs, two albums, a huge number of festival appearances under their belts and a reputation for putting on a hell of a gig, it’s just about time to take a look at their shiny new EP; ‘Razzle Dazzle’.

Due for release on the 17th of November, this little EP ramps up the tempo to create the sort of infectious party atmosphere that only really good ska can achieve. Title track ‘Razzle Dazzle’ kicks the record into gear with spiky vocals and a whole heap of punked-up energy.  The next track – ‘Festival’  is another gem; featuring vocals that straddle the border of rap and punk and a catchy opening guitar riff, this is undoubtedly ska for the 21st century. The introduction to ‘Lucky’ boasts just as much enthusiasm as it’s predecessors, plus a sing-a-long chorus that is bound to become a live favourite for both fans and the band.

The record is about as consistent as a four-track EP can be. Boasting sparky wit, animated horns and sharp lyrics layered expertly over perky beats; this album won’t just get your Madness-obsessed Dad up on the dance floor at the next family gathering, it’ll have the next generation of ska fans skanking along too. It’s a real treat to see a band that have been together nearly a decade still making relevant music that is both true to a dedicated fan-base as well as the development of the music industry. It’s unlikely to be everyone’s cup of tea and it’s certainly not a commercial sounding record, but it IS a proper party EP made with real experience and musicianship – all we need now is a party!

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