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IDestroy – Vanity Loves Me | EP Review

Bristol punk trio IDestroy are bringing girls to the forefront of punk with their new EP. Check out just how they are doing so here.

Source: EP Artwork

Source: EP Artwork

IDestroy are an all-girl punk outfit from Bristol. Their music defies the use of ‘girl’ in its definition, however. What you get with this trio is some straight up rebellious rock. The Vanity Loves Me EP is loud, but in a clean enough way to hear what’s going on; still punk enough for them to deserve the title.

The music consists of plenty of fast drums incorporating loud, washy crash cymbals, giving it the dirty edge it needs. Combine this with lots of fast guitar chords and obvious bass lines and you have the recipe for punk rock.

The opening and title track lends the bridge to a bass focused line, which is always a fun thing to find in a song. It ends suddenly, as any good punk track should, no fading out it just hits you with a prompt absence of music.

Self-titled track ‘IDestroy‘ has the most obvious lyrics to support the trios attitude, as you can assume from the title. “I destroy everything, I enjoy the feeling,” Bec Jevons sings. Her vocals add a certain grit to proceedings. Most noticeably in the closing song ‘State Of The Art’. Each instrument, including vocals, is easily discernible and gives the impression of them all fighting to be heard over each other. It’s a song you can definitely imagine live in a dingy Camden bar, the bass easily vibrating the room while singer Bec has just yell just enough to give her vocals that rough tinge that really makes this music.

To put it simply, this is a true punk EP. Vanity Loves Me falls brilliantly on the spectrum of attitude, giving it just enough aggression to give it a place in the genre, but no so much that you lose the songs or their meaning within it.

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