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I See Stars – Phases | Album Review

Electronicore rockers I See Stars are back, raw and unplugged, with their acoustic album ‘Phases’. Check out what we thought of it!

I See Stars

Source: Album Artwork

I See Stars are known for unique blend of post-hardcore and electronic music. So when you hear the words ‘raw and unplugged’ from a band like them, you might be a little scared of the outcome, but seriously, fear not.

Phases has it all, old tracks, new tracks, even cover tracks, but best of all, they are actually good.

Older I See Stars songs like ‘3D’, ‘Digital Renegade’ and ‘Glow’ go down really well on the album, and even gain some depth in all their acoustic glory. None of the tracks feel really watered down, and manage to keep the substance that the originals deliver. ‘The Common Hours’ in particular manages to keep the same intensity and dark tone as the original.

Devin Oliver’s voice soars through their cover of ‘Youth’. The track is as hauntingly beautiful as the original. The piercing melody paired with Devin’s compelling vocals give you goose bumps.

Their cover of Disclosure’s ‘Latch’ is also captivating. Devin’s smooth, delicate vocals are hypnotic, and the softer, alluring backing track definitely makes the cover much better than the annoying, and quite unbearable original.

Latest track ‘New Demons’ maintains a similar tone in its acoustic form, although has definitely lost the party element that the original evokes (the original’s intro is killer!).

‘Murder Mitten’ is accurately made into a gut-wrenching, emotional ballad, with a harp and all sorts! The song’s emotive, slow melody is fitting for the heartfelt lyrics and message behind it.

Phases is exquisite, impressive and definitely something we’ve never seen from I See Stars before. (You can tell just how much we like this album by the fact that we’ve used every positive adjective in the Oxford dictionary.) The resplendent vocals, stunning melodies and emotional content really elevate the words ‘raw and unplugged’.

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