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How Does Counterparts’ Album ‘Tragedy Will Find Us’ Stand Out From The Rest?

Find out how Counterparts have managed to make Tragedy Will Find Us stand out from the unfathomable mess of hardcore bands.

Source: Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

Hardcore is a rare beast this day in age and decent hardcore music is rarer still. Yet, every now and then a gem will find its way through the sludge that that is the mass of wannabe thrashers. You either have those that are so unoriginal it’s painful, and manages to blend its way into a soggy mess, or you have those that try and complicated things too much in order to be different or quirky. Thankfully Counterparts have come through and given us something succinct, powerful and at the same time has a thin vein of melody keeping everything alive.

Tragedy Will Find Us really is that shining light in the dark. From the first track, ‘Stillborn’ you really feel the passion, energy and destructive nature that Counterparts bring to the table. It is the perfect album to release any pent up rage, as on the surface you’ll find something obliterating, with pure pent up aggression. The difference comes when you actually sit down and listen to everything that is happening and the subtle intricacies to Counterparts’ ability to create music. Take ‘Stranger’ as a fine example of when all out aggression is fantastically accompanied by a mix of chuggy riffs and melodic guitar tones.

Burn’ is by far the album’s best individual track, but in the end, the album works best as a whole, with each track leading into the next fantastically, while at the same time keeping its own individual personality. The album could be a bit more memorable, and although some tracks are instantly recognisable, some can become a bit lost in an ever growing back catalogue. These tracks are all fantastically crafted, but some can lean into obscurity a bit too much.

Counterparts have created an all out attack on the senses, while at the same time keeping the complexities there to create an album that will keep your attention firmly planted within its tones. Tragedy Will Find Us, is a fantastic example as to how you can keep a relatively tried and tested sound yet at the same time, play it well enough to keep people interested. It may not be the pinnacle of what melodic hardcore can be, but it is that gem that all fans hope to find.

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