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Hesitation Wounds – Awake For Everything | Album Review

Hesitation Wounds bring an album of frenzied material with aggression bleeding out of every note with short bursts of aggressive energy in their music.

Source: Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

Hesitation Wounds bring an album of frenzied material with aggression bleeding out of every note. Short bursts of aggressive energy are what make up this album in a hardcore punk style with grunge tendencies. The four piece band take natural inspiration and a passion for music and transform it into a raw destructive energy.

Using tons of overdrive, extreme fuzz on the guitar tone is welcomed in large doses featuring in both the first track ‘Operatic’ and the last ‘Streamlined’, just to name a couple. The creative ideal of grunge becoming evident also with the gradual build up which occurs in ‘Operatic’. Overflowing into the next track ‘Bleach’ through sustained overdrive, the second track brings energy straight away with a greater intensity than the first track had to offer.

This gradual build up of layers comes as a way to ease you into the extremely feverish drum rhythms which take no breath underneath the prolonged guitar chords like in ‘Hands Up‘. The majority of the songs are fast-paced and laced with venomous hostility which is emphasised even more by Jeremy Bolms’ raucous vocals. He takes a slightly different approach in ‘New Abuse’ where his voice becomes more of a deathly whisper rather than a strained roar like in the other tracks.

The aggressive energy of this album is excellent although the tracks which work the best are those which build up to the action like in ‘Away’ rather than hitting the nail in the brutal coffin straight away. The rhythm is expertly maintained by the insanity of the drummer to be able to keep up with those beyond active tempos. Overall the balance is better on the slower tracks with melodies but all tracks are worth the listen to hear the different styles that Hesitation Wounds can achieve.

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