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The Hell – Groovehammer | Album Review

The Hell deliver the biggest party hardcore record of the year on album number two. If this doesn’t make you smile you are dead inside.

Credit: Album Artwork

Before we start this review, can we just say this album, the latest from Watford hardcore mob The Hell, has the best title we’ve heard in ages. Groovehammer! That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you catch a reviewers eye.

Now how about the music? We listen to a lot of hardcore here at HTF some amazing (check the latest from Every Time I Die) some downright awful, but what you find most of the time is that the bands are angry, really angry. It is something that seems to go hand in hand with aggressive music, the players are normally severely pissed of and are using the music as a somewhat cathartic release.

The Hell are a whole different type of hardcore monster altogether. Yes the aggression is there and the lyrics are spat out by the dual vocalists but you know straight away that their tongues are firmly stuck in their cheeks. Not in a way where they are making a mockery or having a laugh at the expense of the music. Just they are having a hell of a good time doing it.

Opening track ‘Take Me Out‘ quickly sets the tone for what is to come with a pummeling beat and a barrage of riffs that grabs your attention. This is quickly followed by ‘Old Jacks/New Jacks‘ which shows where the groove in that album title comes from.

If you needed any proof that The Hell don’t take themselves too seriously then that is shown on the title track itself Groovehammer. It’s a hell of a tune that makes your speakers pound before a documentary type voiceover comes in over the riffs stating, and we quote…..

“First discovered in South-East England, the Groovehammer was used to smash the skulls of dicks. If you see anyone with the Groovehammer stay well away as experts have warned it may well be The motherfucking Hell”.

Pure genius!

Everybody Dies‘ is a call to arms for people to do what ever the hell you want because, as the title states, everybody dies. It’s the angriest party song you will hear all year. That’s what we have with The Hell; a party hardcore band, with song titles like ‘Bangers & Mosh‘, ‘We Love Dicks‘ (which genuinely is about how much they like the male appendage) and ‘I’ll Snap Your Fucking Head Clean Off‘ how can you expect anything other than that? It’s big, it’s dumb, it’s foul mouthed but it is so much fun to listen to.

All in all The Hell are not going to change the world with Groovehammer but they have delivered one of the most boneheaded, enjoyable records you will hear. The musicianship is awesome, the vocals are awesome, they seriously know how to write a gigantic riff and the lyrics are at times laugh out loud funny. We want to see these play live, we can imagine it seriously goes off!

Stupid and brilliant in equal measures!

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