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Hawthorne Heights – Bad Frequencies | Album Review

Hawthorne Heights are bringing emo back with their latest album, Bad Frequencies.

Hawthorne Heights - Bad Frequencies

Source: Album Artwork

One of the founding fathers of emo, Hawthorne Heights are best known for heartbreak hits such as ‘Ohio Is For Lovers‘. Newly signed to Pure Noise Records, the band are set to release their sixth studio album in what is now their fourteenth year as a band.

First track ‘In Gloom‘ does what it says on the tin— it begins gloomy, but then launches into a three-cord assault of a verse and follows up with a huge chorus. It’s exactly the kind of emotional brilliance you’d expect from a band like this, even if they are perhaps a little out of their time.

Pink Hearts‘ follows; a gem of a pop-punk track and the lead single. It builds up quickly to a catchy chorus that will be stuck in your head for days, as it takes an upbeat approach which is much unlike the Hawthorne Heights of old. However, this is the kind of material that will prove their worth, and hopefully gain them a few extra fans. Everyone likes a band who can be versatile, after all.

Later on, ‘Crimson Sand‘ brings us back to where it all began for Hawthorne Heights. It’s reminiscent of their debut album, The Silence in Black and White, and will no doubt be highly appreciated by their die-hard following who have stuck by them to this day. ‘The Suicide Mile‘ is the clincher though, with vocalist JT Woodruff relaying a tale of “sleepless nights next to a loaded gun”. They couldn’t get much more emo if they tried…

As the album concludes, one thing is for certain— Hawthorne Heights are a band still proudly, and efficiently, waving the flag for the emo generation. It may not be the talk of the town genre like it once was, but releases like this can successfully incite a feeling of nostalgia among people who are now in their mid- to late-20’s. A job well done, we’d say.

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