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Hatebreed Aren’t Rewriting The Book, They’re Throwing It In Your Face | Album Review

Hatebreed’s seventh album The Concrete Confessional – if you like heavy music then you have no excuse not to listen to it.

Source: official album artwork

Source: Album Artwork

At this point in Hatebreed‘s career, we know what to expect. No one who has listened to anything Hatebreed have produced in… ever, has said “Ooooh that’s new!”

But do we really care? If someone hands you six blocks of gold bullion you’re not going to complain if the seventh one is the same shape. What Hatebreed fans want now is a few new songs that Hatebreed can put in their live set so that they can lose their shit to it, put on an album full of tracks that make you want to snap a cinder block in half. This is what Hatebreed have delivered to us.

In typical Hatebreed fashion, the riffs and the grooves on this album are better than any band that has released an album this year. ‘Looking Down The Barrel Of Today‘ is one of the finest songs the guys have put out in a long time. When you hear Jamey Jasta (certified hero of alternative culture) shouting “No sleep, no rest, if that’s what it takes to be the best” you cannot help but feel motivated to do something, anything just so you feel like you can be on his level.

In The Walls‘ too is a prime example of Hatebreed being better than Your Band. Occasionally Jasta and his merry men are classed as “metalcore”. If you listen to ‘In The Walls‘ and then listen to Bring Me The Horizon or Story Of The Year you quickly realise that those two have ruined the term for Hatebreed. The Concrete Confessional (and indeed much of they’re other work) sounds closer to Sick Of It All than it does Memphis May Fire.

All the songs are fairly similar. Hatebreed have a signature sound and by hell do they stick to it. But if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and even though The Concrete Confessional is thirteen tracks long, never once does it feel like they’re running out of ideas, or that the album gets boring to listen to.

If you put this on while walking you won’t just get there in half the time but you’ll leave a trail of footprints burnt into the ground two feet deep.

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