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Good Charlotte VS Jimmy Eat World – Slam Dunk Festival 2018 | Live Review

Source: Jemma Dodd

This years headliners at Slam Dunk were the ultimate throwback to most of our childhoods and it was tough to decide between Good Charlotte and Jimmy Eat World but thankfully we managed to catch them both.

Good Charlotte

As Slam Dunk continues to grow into a household name, we’re seeing more and more big names make the lineup every year. This year, the festival have brought on pop punk veterans Good Charlotte to headline the main stage. The five-piece have never struggled with putting on a great show, but for they kicked it up a notch with their performance this time. Aside from the usual on-stage banter, this time they came fully equipped with confetti as well as pyrotechnics – adding just an extra layer of explosion to their set.

One thing about Good Charlotte is that sometimes it’s easy to forget just how many classic hits they have (and sometimes that means just how many bangers you know every single word to) until it’s presented to you as a jam packed setlist. Opener ‘The Anthem’ set the tone for the evening off right, with the entire crowd jumping off their feet from the get go. There’s no slowing down either, as they swiftly move through an array of different vibes spanning across their entire discography. Whether it’s the groovier feel of ‘Keep Your Hands Off My Girl’, the emotional ‘Hold On’ or the fun-loving ‘Little Things’, there was something for every type of GC fan.

Having released their latest single ‘Actual Pain’ just days before their Slam Dunk appearance and announcing a massive gig at Ally Pally next year, that along with the band’s entertaining set and the massive crowd they pulled is a true testament to the fact that the band have still got it in 2018. Clearly connecting to old and new fans alike, watching the band close off the evening was a true icing on the cake of a great music-filled day.
Santhi Weiss

Jimmy Eat World

Source: Matt Higgs

Jimmy Eat World

The Monster Stage was headlined by Jimmy Eat World, and while sadly this meant they clashed with Good Charlotte, it didn’t stop their most devoted fans from swarming towards the stage in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Jim Adkins and co. Arguably the best band to come out of the state of Arizona, Jimmy Eat World have been active for over 20 years and have released nine full-length albums in that time – so, of course, they had a lot of material to pick from when building their set list for Slam Dunk South. Did you know they played ex-Blink-182 vocalist and guitarist Tom DeLonge’s wedding in 2001?!

Opening with ‘Bleed American’ (known as ‘Salt Sweat Sugar’ in the United States due to its release date being not long after the 9/11 attacks), Jimmy Eat World soared through nineteen songs without so much as the tiniest of slip ups. Their most popular tracks like ‘Sweetness’ and ‘Pain’ incited the biggest reaction from the crowd which was hardly surprising, but it was new tune ‘Love Never’ that was the most exciting point of the set. It was proof that Jimmy Eat World have no intention of stopping, and will have pop-punk fans of all ages holding a candle for them indefinitely. The set ended with… you guessed it, ‘The Middle’. The play through saw the audience go absolutely wild, a perfect finish to an emotional rollercoaster of a performance.
Madison Convey

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