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Glassjaw Are Back And Bigger And Better Than Ever Before | Live Review

After too long away Glassjaw are back and bigger than ever before. Find out what our Glassjaw virgin editor thought of their support slot when on tour with Coheed and Cambria.


Source: Gemma Bell

As a rubbish music lover I never really got into Glassjaw when I was a teenager and getting into the music which eventually defined by life instead favouring anything which could be defined as emo in the mid-noughties. Seeing how the crowd reacted when Glassjaw walked on stage reminded me of how people respond when they watch Alexisonfire; with the same excitement and vigor that you get from watching a band who you grew up with. And not just those few years when you drank cheap cider down the park; everything from being a kid right through to the important stuff of adulthood like insurance and kitchen appliances.

The post-hardcore legends had a revamped rhythm section with Travis Sykes and Chad Hasty joining long time members Daryl Palmbo and Justin Beck to give the band a brand new lease of life. Without much of a previous notion of the bands material – well they haven’t released a full-length album in 14 years -we could tell from the crowd that this was intense, featuring the type of setlist that fans dream of, with tracks from the band’s shining back catalogue including opener ‘Tip Your Bartender’ through to ‘Siberian Kiss’ leaving the crowd yearning and screaming for more. It’s occasionally hard to distinguish between the new tracks and the old, but in a good way, and ‘New White Extremity’ and ‘Shira’ makes it clear that the band’s new material will shine just as brightly as their older material.

As such an important band it was only fitting to cram in nine tracks to their set which saw Daryl outshine the intensity and energy of most other frontmen, even the ones a few decades younger, commanding the stage as if they’ve never been away. For two members who have been together for so long to be mixed with two relative newbies, it’s amazing to see how tight the band are, and despite a few small hiccups with timing, the night grows off without a hitch. Nostalgia and excitement sweep through the rammed venue as everyone thinks to themselves “Yes, they’ve still got it!” 



Source: Gemma Bell

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