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Ghost – Meloria | Album Review

Goth rock outift Ghost are back, with brand new album ‘Meloria’ hitting shelves August 21st. Find out what we thought of it inside.

Source: Official Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but it would seem that Halloween has come early this year? If that’s correct we think it’s time to party! Every party needs a soundtrack and for October 31st, there really would be none better than Ghost’s new album Meloria.

An absolute treat for those who like their rock painted a darker shade of black, Ghost have piled together ten brand new tracks of only the finest of synth fuelled, guitar driven Spook-Rock. Intrigued? Good. Let’s take a more in depth look shall we?

No sooner has the play button been pressed, there’s already some freaky-ass sounds flowing from our speakers in the form of ‘Spirit’. Theremins and organs rise and fall with intense drama, leading us head first into a wash of crashing drums and fierce guitars, all topped off by an absolutely haunting vocal that flow like webs from a spider (yes, we do mean that in an elegant way). It’s genuinely chilling stuff, creating a feeling of dread and foreboding that seems to just drip from every note. One minute Harp interlude ‘Spoksonat’ consists of a composition so haunting, that most of the MOSH office are still sleeping with the light on just in case it accidentally summoned some sort of Satanic demons into the mortal realm (you can never be too careful when it comes to the creatures of Beelzebub).

The acoustic guitar pickings that open mid-point tracks ‘Cirice’ and ‘He Is’ add a wonderfully bleak charm to more Organ based riffery, although the strangely lighter tones of the latter of these tunes throws an unexpected candle into the dark. It’s hard to decide whether this is a welcome change in the proceedings or a jarring juxtaposition, with the almost power-ballad like features making for a piece that would sound more at home as either a James Bond Theme or as the soundtrack to the dramatic, yet heroic demise of the protagonist of an American Action Movie in the 80’s. We’ve decided on the latter, yet this will be the track that will really divide the opinions of it’s listeners, perhaps deliberately?

The rest of the album is more of the same. Lots of Organ, lots of choral vocals, percussion so thunderous it would give the mighty Zeus a run for his money and some down-right evil guitar licks and tricks. Closing number ‘Deus in Absentia’ is a particular joy to behold, jumping between an almost Nightmare Before Christmas brand of creepy and what sounds like an almost direct message to the listener with lyrics such as “The world is on fire and you are here to stay and burn with me”, which burn themselves (pun not intended) into the mind for a long time to come. It’s cliched as hell, but cliche done well and so infectiously that it still impresses.

So, to conclude, did we enjoy our time with Meloria? Hell yes! An album that both impresses and leaves us longing for Halloween parties is all good in our books. A must buy!

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