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Fozzy Return To London With A Knockout Show…and Then Some | Live Review

American rockers Fozzy returned to London this week with a knockout show at Camden’s Underworld. Find out what happened here!


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This week saw the return of American rockers Fozzy to London’s Camden Underworld. They’re a band who are forever dividing opinion on whether they’re the ‘Chris Jericho show’ or whether they’ve got the talent to boot. Tonight was their chance to tear opinion apart and show the capital why they’re a knockout, and not the wrestling kind.

The main support slot for any show can be your Achilles Heel. Packed out room? Check. Longer set? Check? Getting the crowd’s attention? Not so easy…unless you’re The Dirty Youth that is. The South Welsh five-piece took to the stage with a restless sweaty bunch at their fingertips, and brought the party to Camden’s most illustrious venue.

Frontwoman Danni Monroe oozed sass as she fashioned some Kanye-style glasses before busting out tracks such as ‘Requiem of the Drunk’. Not to be confused with his Kim-K counterpart, Monroe graced vocals that had finesse and power to the highest degree. It was clear from the head nods and foot taps around the room that the audience were captivated.

No matter how well-executed their own material was though, nothing got the crowd fired up more than the band’s closing cover of ‘Killing In The Name’. The sweatbox bounced with a cacophony of ‘now you do what they told ya!’ and we couldn’t help but get involved too.

The Dirty Youth have circled the UK for some time now trying to get in with the big guns. Tonight proved why they’re heading one way only in that direction. From energetically obsessive riffs to lyrics that had the power to get a room of both middle-aged metal veterans to young teens new to the scene involved, you can see why the room response was rather explosive. Game. Set. Match to The Dirty Youth.

The evening’s theme of lighting up the room LED style continued as Chris Jericho emerged in possibly the coolest jacket of all time. As Jericho laid his arms open to a sea of Fozzy tee goers, it was clear that this show wasn’t a mere setting for fans of WWE.

Their stella 17-track set kicked off with a Black Sabbath cover in the form of ‘War Pigs’. Sure, this got the ‘Fozzy! Fozzy! Fozzy!’ chants going, but second track ‘Do You Wanna Start A War?’ saw pits galore as the band took a nutty crowd in the palm of their hands. One for being a nutty character himself, Jericho persisted to jump around in applause of the crowd’s response to the band’s strong opening.

Although Fozzy don’t hold the greatest musical foundations in their work, their ability to deliver tone and an abundance of fun for the crowd is second-to-none. Whilst their set saw a collective of their discography, the biggest crowd response of the night was the band’s unveiling of an ABBA classic. The crowd bombarded themselves around the Underworld’s sweaty dancefloor like it was the 70s again. Frankly, we were disappointed in the lack of white dungarees and hair spray.

Other highlights included ‘Bad Tattoo’ and ‘God Pounds His Nails’ where we saw a true transformation in Jericho from a wrestling star to a rock god in his own right. Backed up with talents of the likes of guitarist and vocalist Rich Ward, then its no wonder why people are finally taking this band seriously, and not just a WWE fan club.

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