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Flood Of Red – Leeds, The Cockpit – 04/07/14| Live Review

We caught Flood Of Red live at Leeds Cockpit, check out what we thought here

Credit: Press

We were lucky enough to catch Flood Of Red on tour just before the release of their second album ‘Throw’ as well as the week after.  The second time we caught them upstairs in Leeds’ Cockpit we were encapsulated with the band in the roof of the venue as the crowd the gathered, Flood Of Red filling the stage with singer Jordan finding floor space with plenty of room to wield the mic stand.

Together Flood Of Red piece together a soundscape like no other. From recording to live there is this personification of each sound that entangles its way from an instrument out, these theatrical taunts drawing you into something no other band could create. Title track from ‘Throw’ stems intricacies into this ghostly echoing of ‘Throw’, the word finding itself in the corners of the corrugated roof of The Cockpit before winding out threading along the crowd luring them forward.

Despite the album coming out earlier that week, newer tracks like ‘Part Truth / Part Fiction’ captivated the audience.  Flood Of Red have this stunning writing talent that we imagine would grip strangers to their music live as much a enthusiastic fans.  ‘Whispers & Choirs’ opens beautifully and rises into this incredible moment, each member of Flood Of Red an artist in the impressions their music creates and the awe and admiration painted across members of the audience’s faces says it all.

 ‘Lashes’ their latest single, is an honour to witness live, Flood Of Red embody their songs with wee labyrinths of strings that find themselves in the spaces between the harder hitting sounds. To hear these moments in such an intense environment is incredible and as they lash and jolt with every sound they create the room is set into a spectacle.

The eminent ‘Like Elephants’ from ‘Leave Everything Behind’ stirs bodies and incites echoes from the crowd that newer tracks haven’t had the chance to grab yet. When we caught Flood Of Red at another show last month in Corby there was a fair amount of slut dropping to ‘Like Elephants’, something we promise is a rare but impressive display.  ‘The Edge Of World’ having the same effect too.

Closing on ‘Ye Die, Ye Die’ draws the evening to a prominent end.  Flood Of Red build the song into composed and calm moment that holds as much clarity as the words ‘Ye Die, Ye Die’ themselves.  Signing away with beautiful layers that pull away from each until we are left only with strings.

Regardless of the size of the crowd at both Flood Of Red shows we have caught recently the fans have being almost as passionate about their tracks as the band.  Flood Of Red create songs that resonate within people and they deserve recognition for that, ‘Throw’ is going to be an iconic record and the intense microcosm that Flood Of Red draw you into with their incredible musicanship is commendable and an art in itself.


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