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Five Finger Death Punch – A Decade Of Destruction | Album Review

It’s been 10 years since their first album, now we can relive all the classic FFDP songs in their heavy, beautiful glory.

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You can probably count the amount of modern day metal bands that would have been able to fit into any decade of the genre on one hand – and Five Finger Death Punch would most likely be your first go to. The intricate riffs of Metallica, the raw aggression of Pantera, and the emotive dialect of Linkin Park; FFDP have cemented themselves as one of the great heavy music success stories of recent memory.

No strangers to the odd band fiasco – ‘A Decade of Destruction’ is a fitting title for a compilation of the band’s most popular songs since their 2007 debut record ‘The Way Of The Fist’. More than simply a showcase of what you might have been missing though, the record comes with two new tracks from the quintet that moisten the appetite for the Vegas boys next full LP outing – expected to be unleashed in 2018.

The new songs come in the way of ‘Trouble’ and ‘Gone Away’ and while both are somewhat polar opposites of each other; they do a succinct job of summarising who FFDP are in a mere 8 minutes. ‘Gone Away’ is a relaxed, touching landslide showing the variety of Ivan Moody‘s voice (most akin to the likes of ‘Bad Company’) while the former is a more punchy, rough pitbull of a track with plenty of snarls and bite.

Away from here, it’s pretty much what you would expect from a list of classic Five Finger Death Punch songs – and to hold this many metal hits within their grasp at just 10 years old is an achievement that is nothing but commendable. ‘Jekyll And Hyde’‘Lift Me Up’, and ‘House Of The Rising Sun’ remain timeless in their stature – which when surrounded by the unforgettable ‘The Bleeding’ and ‘Under And Over It’  makes this an absolute barrage of metal excellence for newcomers.

In their tenure as a band, Five Finger Death Punch have become an outfit whose success speaks for itself – and whose audience is littered with differing demographics, which is more of a rare commodity in 2017 than we should feel comfortable with. Nevertheless, FFDP are the flag bearers for modern heavy metal over the last 10 years. For current fans A Decade Of Destruction is all your favourite Death Punch tracks on one CD with a taste of what’s to come, for newcomers: welcome to one of the best/most consistent metal bands of the last decade.

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