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Fight for Friday – Someone You Could Trust | EP Review

Fight for Friday’s sophomore EP is a bold and shameless throwback to 2005. ‘Someone You Could Trust’ is due for release on May 11, named after the infamous The Wonder Years track.

Source: EP Artwork

Fight for Friday’s sophomore EP is a bold and shameless throwback to 2005, named after an infamous The Wonder Years track Someone You Could Trust’.

That really says it all about this Mancunian pop punk quartet. From the opening track ‘Life Hits You Hard’, their sound is extremely reminiscent of classics from the genre. In parts, the track even harks back to Tom Delonge-era Blink 182, which is a difficult thing to do compellingly.

Speaking of the EP’s name, vocalist Seb Harper said: “It’s relevant to the context of the EP and the message we are trying to portray: the effect that other people can have on someone’s happiness, health, and life experience.

“We’ve achieved more than we’d initially hoped – playing at huge venues such as Manchester Academy, Fac251; releasing our first EP in 2016 and having toured the UK twice.

“We are nothing more than a high school band that didn’t stop, carrying on to get to the stage that we are now. It wasn’t the quickest journey but its definitely been the most fun.” 

Through ‘Take It Or Leave It’, ‘Target Practice’, and ‘Headache’, the sound continues to be overwhelmingly nostalgic. The band pair early 2000s-inspired riffs with lyrics which are clearly from the heart, telling stories of life, love, and loss.

The EP is nothing new for the band or the genre, but the Mancunian crew have done what they set out to do – create a series of well produced tunes that speak to who they are as a band. Which is, a group of guys who clearly grew up during the pop punk resurgence of the early 2000s. Relatable.

You can listen to the EP’s first single ‘Headache’ below:

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