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Feet First – Tempus Fugit | EP Review

Feet First have released their debut EP Tempus Fugit. Read here to find out what we thought.

Credit: EP Cover

Hertfordshire Pop Punkers Feet First have released their debut EP Tempus Fugit. Formerly known as Man Made, the now Four-piece Feet First have reworked their band, and have been working the local scene to get their music heard. Tempus Fugit is a good start for the band, with an six track EP for a debut, cleary the boys are working hard to get their material out there.

Kicking off with ‘Time Flies’ the title track of the EP, a short intro to set the tone of easycore listening. Followed up by ‘Arrogance’ which interestingly heads in on the heavier rockier side, but vocally and within the working hooks, the sound is extremely reminiscent of early day pop-punk. Supported with the light-hearted lyrics, that still provides a realist comic affect for being pushed by someone’s abruptness.

Whereas the likes of ‘My Heart is Fools Gold’ is the startup of a few tracks that touch the subject of love and lust, still maintaining the strong sound. Backing vocals really support the verses, and chorus throughout. Drumming beat especially here works well with the guitar riffs.

Next up is ‘Lost Cause’, which the band has recently done a music video for which can be seen here. Just as the video and sound indicates, the track will guarantee you’re moving your feet, and having a good time. Reminiscent of early Blink-182 and Green day, similar to the previous track it manages to deal with a relatable situation, in a optimistic manner.

Added in on the EP is ‘Endless Miles which has a great highlight of harmonious vocals, ‘All I need is my friends’  which we can imagine would be a crowd pleaser with that chant to sing live to.

Finally ‘Borders’ finishes off similar to how the EP begins, nice spoken dialogue at the beginning to set up of what it means to be different. The harder sub-vocals add to the judgement, and the track contains a great harder rock breakdown towards the end that really gives the EP a polished, well rounded finish.

Although Feet First are just hitting the scene, they are tackling it hard. The band have a knack for capturing the right medium between an upbeat sound and worthwhile listening. We strongly advise Pop Punk lovers to invest some listening time for a band to keep your eye on.

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