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Feed The Rhino – Boston Music Rooms, London | 21/9/2016

We went down to the Boston Music Rooms in London to see Feed The Rhino, fresh off their hiatus, show us why their live show is still as gnarly as ever.

feed the rhino

Source: Pick Your Teeth Up Photography

It feels a bit like Feed The Rhino have returned without much fanfare. Certainly, when they announced that they were doing a return tour, many people didn’t even realise it was going on until a few weeks afterwards. All that put aside though, the hype that could be felt walking around London’s Boston Music Rooms was almost tangible. Everyone there knew Feed The Rhino‘s reputation for putting on an explosive live show, and a Feed The Rhino that have been gone for a year could even be more over-the-top and exciting than usual.

First up were Bad Sign “from Croydon saaf Landan”. Having seen them support Heck & Black Peaks in this very venue not two weeks ago, we are still amazed that Bad Sign are only playing support slots this size. Though they could definitely have benefited from a less muddy sound over the PA and far less feedback through the vocals, Bad Sign played with an aplomb not usually found in bands their size. Their support set was more than adequate, but we can’t help but feel it’s like only a matter of time before more people get on the Bad Sign hype train and they are playing venues bigger than this one in their own right.

Similarly Counting Days, now featuring Curtis Ward once of Bring Me The Horizon on guitar, would have benefited from a far cleaner sound, particularly for their lead guitar work. It was at times difficult to understand what vocalist Thom Debaere was saying at the best of times, and it was only his phenomenal vocal prowess that allowed him to be heard during the songs at all. Someone also needs to let Ward and bassist Alex Dench know that standing on stage with your hair in your face does not make a particularly exhilarating show.

feed the rhino

Source: Pick Your Teeth Up Photography

Thankfully when it all came together, the band were in full swing, the sound had just about sorted itself out and songs like ‘Die Alone‘ were being thrown into the room like a pipe bomb made of riffs, Counting Days didn’t just hit hard, they crushed the place.

When Feed The Rhino announced that they were going away, a lot of people said first and foremost  that they would miss the live shows. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Feed The Rhino are back and bigger and better than ever.

feed the rhino

Source: Pick Your Teeth Up Photography

The crowd did not give a single solitary fuck that sound quality could have been better. Nor did they care that Feed The Rhino seemed to play a slightly short set.  Nor did they appear to care about their own personal safety. When songs like ‘Give Up‘ and ‘Tides‘ came on, the true lunatics in the crowd made themselves known, and half of them were in the band.

From Lee Tobin throwing himself around and off of the stage in the fashion we have come to know and love, to drummer Chris Kybert smashing his kit up at the end of the set, Feed The Rhino were clearly as glad to be back as the fans were they were.

It’s good to have you back Feed The Rhino. Just play a longer set next time, yeah?

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