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Falling In Reverse – Coming Home | Album Review

Falling In Reverse have just dropped their new album ‘Coming Home’. Check out what we thought of it here!

Coming Home

Source: Album Artwork

Falling In Reverse are one of those bands you either love or hate—there is very little in between. Granted, much of the reason why many take issue with the band is due to their well-known and unfiltered lead singer Ronnie Radke. But whether you like the band as people or not, it’s safe to say they have done well in the rock scene—and continue to do so. And since the band have just released their fourth album Coming Home via Epitaph, we thought we’d give it a listen.

The album kicks off with the previously released, spacey anthem ‘Coming Home’. The track is dark and atmospheric and sets the tone for this completely-out-of-nowhere album. ‘Broken’ has the same lightheaded, buzzy elements, however, features a more usual Falling In Reverse sound with their heavier riffs and Radke’s unique strained vocals. The track’s energetic instrumental work is complimented by the passionate vocals and restrained electronic sounds, making it one of the catchiest tracks on the album.

‘Hanging On’ is another upbeat anthem track. Like the rest of the album, the electronic flourishes are used cleverly and delicately, not overpowering the pop-rock track. Naturally, the instruments are bold and energetic and help to elevate the overall poppiness of the song. Elsewhere, the upbeat, bright melody of ‘Loser’ contrasts with the expressive, self-deprecating lyrics.

‘Fuck You And All Your Friends’ immediately seems like more of a FIR track—the title alone screams FIR. The lively track features catchy, upbeat riffs, pop punk-esque vocals and even a “la la la” sing-along! Falling In Reverse really likes to keep us guessing, hey! Similarly, ‘I Hate Everyone’ has this same humorous pop punk quality, with a hint of acoustic rock charm. Although the track is a little all over the place, the track’s buzzy, electronic undertone stays constant throughout. The song is another winner on the album. What can we say? It’s weird. We like it.

The album isn’t what we were expecting from Falling In Reverse, and though coming up short on a few of the tracks, namely the underwhelming ‘I Don’t Mind’ and ‘The Departure’, it’s a pretty nice surprise. It’s not for everyone, hell, it may not be for anyone. So if you were waiting for the typical FIR bite, you’re going to be disappointed. This is the most restrained the band has probably ever been!

To be fair, though, the rather predictable band did something different and that’s enough to gain a few brownie points. And the electronic elements, most of the time, are subtle, atmospheric and necessary. Coming Home is a decent release from Falling In Reverse.

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