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Fall Out Boy Vs Biffy Clyro – Leeds Festival | Live Review

Fall Out Boy and Biffy Clyro went head to head in the headline slot on the first night at Leeds Festival.

Fall Out Boy

Source: Graham Berry

Fall Out Boy had been teasing features of this show on social media for days. Bassist Pete Wentz assured fans that the title ‘Bloom’-which graced all their jackets and merchandise-wasn’t hinting to a new album or song, but was part of a tour-long art project. To say the crowd was intrigued would be an understatement.

The band’s seemingly irrelevant opening video depicted a motorcyclist riding through the desert. The on-stage screens spun open to reveal four barely-dressed dancers and a hell of a lot of pyrotechnics. The band slid out from behind them, opening their set with Save Rock and Roll’s ‘The Phoenix.’

The show was as dramatic as we’ve come to expect from this new era of Fall Out Boy. To compliment it, most of their set was made up of high-octane tracks from their latest two albums. ‘Sugar We’re Going Down’, ‘Irresistible’, and ‘Alone Together’ came next, evoking an ecstatic response from their fans, some of whom had waited at the main stage all day to be in the front rows.

Fall Out Boy had an incredibly busy stage, with aerial dancers and the near constant presence of fire. The band’s sound shone through the theatre, but there were moments when Fall Out Boy’s stage presence was entirely engulfed.

Just when they needed to, the band calmed their set with a piano breakdown of ‘Disloyal Order of Water Buffalo’. Patrick Stump’s vocals were stunning accompanied by the piano, welcoming the band back half way through. They then payed tribute to David Bowie with ‘Save Rock and Roll’; an image of the musician’s iconic lightning makeup appearing behind the band throughout.

It’s difficult to predict a Fall Out Boy show. By the time their set ended, the stage had been quite literally set on fire. 9/10

Biffy Clyro

Source: Graham Berry

Finally, it was time for Biffy Clyro’s headline set. Simon Neil’s raw vocals cut through the shouts of the main stage crowd, opening up their show with Ellipsis track ‘Wolves of Winter’.

The band had an incredible stage presence from the start, clambering dramatically atop their impressively huge stage set. The screens at the back projected warped images of the band and the crowd, placing the faces of their fans in the middle of the action.

Their set was a carefully constructed mix of old and new, bringing classic Biffy tracks together with those of their newest era. The crowds reaction was incomparable. Ridden with chants and Scottish flags, fans at the front didn’t stop moving throughout the entire show. The band reacted to this energy, performing ‘Biblical’, ’57’, ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Black Chandelier’ with ever-increasing fervor.

Simon Neil switched out his guitar every other track, bringing attention to just how technical a Biffy Clyro show is. Lasers and fireworks brought the drama, but the show was made by this flawless instrumentation.

Biffy Clyro rounded off their set with the iconic tracks ‘Many of Horror’ and ‘Stinging Bell’. For old timers and new fans alike, Biffy Clyro’s headline set was an unforgettable experience. 9/10

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