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Exist Immortal – Darkness of an Age | Album Review

Exist Immortal are about to drop a deluxe edition of their debut record, ‘Darkness of an Age’. Here’s our take on it!

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London based tech metal five piece, Exist Immortal, have been tirelessly working away at growing their fan base. And with more fans, comes higher demand for new material. With the success of their debut record skyrocketing in the States, Exist Immortal knew it was time to unleash an extended version of the album. Here’s what we thought of it.

The album itself gives off a really apocalyptic vibe, from Exist Immortal’s use of vocal harmonies and lyrics through to the dark, downtuned guitar work chugging away in the background of this collection of tracks. As a whole, it’s a real slow burner. Not one that takes one listen to really appreciate. It takes time, and each time you listen to this record, be rest assured, you’ll pick up something else you’ve missed the previous listen. But on first listen, you could be forgiven for thinking the record is a little drab, dragging its heels a little for it to be over. A never ending set of songs that are neither here nor there. But like we said, it’s a grower.

There’s a huge element of urgency and drama in their work, as they experiment with grand sonic landscapes. ‘Embrace the Cycle‘ feels like it’s been put together, layer by layer like a painting with strings and intricate lead guitars emerging from sombre rhythm guitars. It’s a work of art when you give it a chance. This drama is interspersed throughout the record, with tracks such as ‘The Omen Machine‘ and ‘Fractured‘ offering up more of the same ideas and intricacies.

They’re also a band of contrasts: see ‘The Void‘. In just one track, Exist Immortal cram in so much of two polar opposites: delicate flourishes of strings and synths, with crushing vocals delivering some pretty heavy lyrical content. But it all works incredibly well and aids in showcasing the bands array of strengths.

But the main thing to take away from Exist Immortal is their passion and conviction. The album’s opening track, ‘Insanity Project‘, is one hell of a statement of intent for this record with defiant lyrics layered over killer grooves that are guaranteed to make you move.

So is it good? Yeah. It is. It’s one of those albums to stick on when you’re a bit miffed at the world, and is well worth a listen – or ten – thanks to the band’s ability to bring together melody and aggression without one overshadowing the other.

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