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Eskimo Callboy – The Scene | Album Review

Germany’s Eskimo Callboy have released their fourth studio album, The Scene.

Eskimo Callboy - The Scene

Source: Album Artwork

Much like Marmite, Eskimo Callboy are the kind of band that you either love or hate. If you haven’t yet made acquaintance with them, they’re a German metalcore/electronicore band with a career spanning seven years. They’re comparable to bands like Attack! Attack! and Attila, to the point where the lead singer of the latter, Christopher Fronzak, features on the titular track of Eskimo Callboy’s most recent album, The Scene.

It’s made immediately apparent that Eskimo Callboy don’t want to fit in with the crowd, and never have if the constant accusations of misogyny and homophobia directed at them are anything to go by. Lead singer Sebastian “Sushi” Biesler has claimed that the lyrics are intended to be satirical and that Eskimo Callboy don’t intend to be taken seriously. The Scene‘s first track ‘Back In The Bizz‘ is ample proof, as it sees the band described as a “German nightmare” in the first verse alone.

Further on, Eskimo Callboy prove that they can, in fact, be somewhat serious when the occasion calls for it. There’s no denying that this is a band that profit from their own sheer stupidity. Everything is a gimmick, even when they really are trying their best to be sincere. Sincerity, most definitely, does not work when in the exactly same breath Biesler is crooning, “wake up haters, I’m a VIP!” (from ‘VIP‘, mid-album).

Eskimo Callboy may have come to realize that their chosen genre is as out-dated as the Day-Glo outfits and Sidekicks that came with the territory, so they deliver heartfelt tracks like ‘The Devil Within‘ and ‘Frances‘, but it definitely seems like case of too little, too late. The party is over.

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