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Echoes – The Pursuit | Album Review

Check out the review for Echoes’ upcoming album ‘The Pursuit’.

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Echoes seem to be a highly experimental project, with influences stemming from Devil Sold His Soul all the way to Hans Zimmer. You can sort of explain this band as a cross between the hardcore vocals of the likes of Feed the Rhino, to the atmospheric and euphoric tracks of Explosions in the Sky. The mix is certainly interesting, but has formed to create something that feels so dark and mysterious that while listening to it you can’t stop reflecting on your own memories and experiences.

From the first track ‘Empty Lungs’ you can clearly feel that the album has both an incredibly atmospheric feeling around it, coupled with an undeniable brutal and crushing feel throughout. ‘Leaving None Behind’ kicks the entire album up a degree; the tempo really manages to pick up, which within an album which is this ethereal is impressive within itself. The Pursuit is a highly intelligent album, which applies layers upon layers to each and every track. You would need to listen to the album multiple times to even get close to understanding each and every nook and cranny.

The Pursuit is the perfect background track to your life. Sadly, and this is the one gripe I have with it in total, there the atmospheric nature of the album means it’s not going to take your attention away from whatever you’re doing, but what it does provide is an incredible album that can help you glide through whatever you’re doing. The tracks themselves although have small tweaks here and there are overall far too similar, and although it is a technically brilliant album, when not paying attention the tracks can blend into each other far too easily.

Tracks like ‘River’ and ‘Safe It Seems’ follow the same sort of formula, quick high pitched riffs from the guitars accompanied by the slower beat of the drums. What these tracks create is something spectacular; they are pieces of art, but too much of them together does sort of become one big euphoric acid trip.

I am impressed with what Echoes have created here, they definitely have a defined sound and vision that they’re looking to create, but there isn’t enough variation within the 10 tracks to keep my attention purely on the album for the full run time. It’s a niche genre, you will either love the technical aspect of the album, or you’ll declare it a boring throwaway album. What we have here though is undeniably a technical masterpiece, if not a musical one.

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