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Download Crowds Are Inherently Crazy, Here Are 4 Of The Craziest Sets From The Weekend

Download festival crowds are inherently crazy so we count down 4 of the craziest sets from the weekend. Find out what made the cut right here.

Parkway Drive

Source: Derek Bremner

Parkway Drive Really Kicked Up A Storm At Download Festival 2015

Aussie metalcore giants Parkway Drive fuelled an all out riot at this year’s Download Festival. The Byron Bay beasts were on a mission to get things muddy and mental, dropping their heaviest tracks like ‘Wild Eyes’, ‘Deadweight’ and their latest release ‘Vice Grip’, from the upcoming new album IRE.

Frontman Winston Mcall, although winging about the traditional Download Festival weather, gave his absolute all. Dropping brutal vocals and getting us all hyped and ready to break shit. Parkway even indulged in a little bit of trolling, starting off ‘Karma’ encouraging the biggest circle pit possible. Only to shut it down and telling us to stop messing around, BIGGER BIGGER!

Parkway Drive never fail to disappoint every time you’re lucky enough to catch them live. We look forward to catching them again when the new album drops this September. Until then though, we’ll just have to cling on to the chaotic memories from Download, Parkway were definitely one of the best bands of the whole weekend. We think they should definitely be considered for a second stage headline spot next year, these lads are gods. Straya mate! 5/5 LS


Evil Scarecrow

Source: Justine Trickett

Evil Scarecrow Blew Our Robotic Minds At Download Festival

Self-proclaimed pioneers in ‘Blue Peter Metal’ Evil Scarecrow stunned the people of Download Festival this year with one of the most memorable, genius sets we’ve ever seen.

The Nottingham metal beasts, brought with them one of the most hilarious stage shows you can get, complete with zero gravity mosh machines, dancing robots and eerie extra terrestrials. With a set brimming with some of the most creative metal numbers like ‘Robotatron’, ‘Space Dementia’ and the sheer scuttling brilliance that is ‘Crabulon’, Evil Scarecrow gave the Donnington massive the good time they had been waiting for after a weekend of shitty weather.

Say what you will about the bizarre antics we all got up to in that tent on Sunday, but if you don’t see the fun in slow mo circle pits, or raising your crab claws you really need to lighten the fuck up. Evil Scarecrow brought something fresh to Download, something memorable, a pure what the fuck story you can tell all your jealous friends who couldn’t get tickets. We hope to see a lot more of Evil Scarecrow in the coming years; no doubt Download will be itching to have them back real soon. Best of luck dudes, you earned it! 4.5/5 LS

Every Time I Die

Source: Derek Bremner

Every Time I Die Are Still One Of The Most Outrageously Chaotic Live Bands You Will Ever See

It has been ten long years since Every Time I Die  made their debut appearance at Download, and it has taken them this long to return to the hallowed ground of metal and rock music. But whilst shitty weather has muddied the ground outside, that never stopped anyone from going mental during the entirety of their set. Full of newer material such as ‘Eldorado’, and also older classics like ‘We’rewolf’, ‘Floater’, and ‘Ebolarama’, ETID are one of those bands that no matter how skull-crushingly brutal their music can be, they are guaranteed to bring the party every single time. And on all accounts when you see two of the biggest circle pits swirling around the pillars that hold the tent up, the volume of crowdsurfers, and the amount of bloody noses emerging from the pit, it is safe to say that ETID came, saw, and conquered in charming yet pulverising fashion. Bloody marvellous! 4/5 JPM

Suicidal Tendencies

Source: Giles Smith

Suicidal Tendencies Prove Once Again Just Why They Are One Of The Most Respected And Bloody Amazing Hardcore Punk Bands Of All Time

What happens when you put on of the most influential and mindblowing hardcore punk / crossover thrash bands of all time on the smallest stage at Download Festival? All out mayhem, is what happens. Whoever made this booking was a sheer genius, or sheer madman. The energy in the crowd tonight even before Suicidal Tendencies come on stage is just amazing. The mix of old school and new school fans as well as curious onlookers, creates a truly incredible sense of unity and unfiltered chaos on unprecedented levels. Opening with ‘You Can’t Bring Me Down’, S/T’s set is a non-stop lightning bolt to the senses with some truly remarkable musicianship from every member of the band. However the only things that stopped this from being a flawless set is the short set time, and no sign of ‘Institutionalized’ due to the brevity of the set! But regardless, the fans were still going wild even after the set finished calling for more! But on this evidence, this calls for Suicidal Tendenecies to be called back to headline a much bigger stage next year, say what? Mind-blowing from start to finish. 4.5/5 JPM

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