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Don Broco – Technology | Album Review

Don Broco have just released their third studio album, Technology.

Don Broco - Technology

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Don Broco are like Marmite- you either love them or you hate them. They’ve behaved questionably over the years, but the music they make is generally popular and they can sell out the likes of Alexandra Palace or put on a killer performance at the infamous Slam Dunk Festival. Their third studio album, Technology, is another medium in which Don Broco have proved that they can take themselves seriously just as equally as they can… well, take the piss.

The titular track and third single to be released is the starting point for this record. It’s a continuation of the style that fans have come to know and love from camp Don Broco, and its lyrics touch on the subject of our generation’s obsession with phones and the like.

Stay Ignorant‘ strays from the path a little, seeing Don Broco go in a new direction musically. It’s still very them but sees the band expand on the genre they’ve been pigeonholed in to. It’s an interesting way in which they’re showing off their versatility, something that will no doubt make them more accessible to a wider audience. Another example of Don Broco going against the grain comes in the form of ‘Come Out To LA‘ which, truthfully, doesn’t sound much like them. When it was released as a single earlier this year it notably gauged a huge reaction from fans, who couldn’t quite believe that this track had come from the band.

The record is a whopping 59 minutes and 42 seconds long, boasting 16 tracks which is unusually long for a rock release. The length gives Don Broco the chance to explore various avenues musically. It’s a refreshing change and tracks like ‘The Blues‘ which has an almost R&B-like quality to its introduction show proudly the kind of influences that have gone into this record.

With no track sounding the same, a record like this sometimes runs the risk of sounding very choppy. Don Broco have succeeded though in making sure that while each track can be enjoyed as a standalone, Technology is also a seamless listening experience when played through. There’s a lot of different styles in use, but the things that make Don Broco so recognizable are still present on almost every song. They make not be your cup of tea, but there’s no arguing that this is a band who knows how to play to their advantage.

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