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Deftones – Gore | Album – Review

Deftones are back and we should be thankful we live in a world where this band are still creating stunning new music. Here’s what we thought of Gore.


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Some bands release album after album and they will get ignored time after time and people will just remember that big album with the ‘Hits’ on. It’s not a band that we wanted to mention in this review but just look at a band like Limp Bizkit, at one point they were the biggest band about. They released Chocolate Starfish and the world went crazy but since then they have released album after album and nobody cared as much. Have a go, off the top of your head name one song off Gold Cobra. We rest our case. It takes a very special band to have every album release seen as a major event. Faith No More pull it off, Weezer do and by God Deftones do. They are back with their latest opus Gore and it is everything you have been waiting for.

There is something special about Deftones, every album is able to sound different to the last, they are not a band who will rest on past success. They are a band not afraid to push the envelope and experiment with their sounds and dynamics, but then again, no matter how different it is you always know that you are listening to Deftones, they have their own sound in their diversity. Gore is no different. Album opener ‘Prayers/Triangles’ shows the subtle beauty the band can achieve, Chino Moreno’s vocal swims through your speakers, whilst Stephen Carpenters trademark guitar tones are always there sneaking in the background delivering a foreboding sense that don’t get comfortable as at any time things could get vicious.

‘Acid Hologram’ shows a band confident in their craft and can deliver a track that seeps into you with its low heaviness. You don’t even notice at first how heavy this record is but as it progresses and loops into ‘Doomed User’ you remember that you are listening to a band who can do heavy and chaos better than most out there.

Music at it’s very finest should stir an emotion in you, it’s why it is so important to us all, it’s why people say that music is what makes the world go round, the emotion, the stuff it makes you feel. Well if you are looking for a record to simply stir an emotion, approach Gore with care as this will cause a full on massive fuck off cathartic experience. This is the exact reason Deftones are and always have been one of the most urgent and needed bands in the world. They don’t just stir, they seduce the senses of the listener and who doesn’t need that in their life?

The album may not be as instant as last album Koi No Yokan but that does not mean that it is not as good. Oh no, this is an album that needs more than that one listen to really delve into and explore. Each listen treats us to more, it’s like a treasure chest and each time you dip in you find even more jewels. Just listen to ‘Pittura Infamante’, now listen again, now listen again and suddenly it is your favourite song on the album. On this rotation anyway as with multiple listens you will find another track takes that mantle and this just keeps happening again and again.

We could go on and on about this album as there is so much going on but let us just finish by saying go into this album with your mind open and you will be treated a thousand times over. Gore carries on from the form the band hit once they dropped Diamond Eyes in 2010. Deftones are as important now as they have ever been and they just seem to get better.

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