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Cursed Earth – Cycles Of Grief Vol. 1: Growth | EP Review

Australian metal outfit cause more than just a bang with new EP

Source: EP Artwork

Australian heavy music is doing alright for itself at the moment, isn’t it? Parkway DriveNorthlane, and In Hearts Wake are just three bands that sit atop a mountain full of upcoming metal bands with seemingly limitless potential. With new EP Cycles Of GriefCursed Earth can very much be considered as part of this mountain too.

Drenched in anger and without a second of respite, Cycles Of Grief is an exhausting stint of hardcore beats. From the opening track ‘War March‘ right through to closing song ‘Violated‘, Cursed Earth assault on all fronts, with an in your face style that is inescapably heavy.

Like a darker version of Employed To Serve (if you’d believe such a thing is possible) the entire EP is 10 minutes of all out carnage. Captured most effortlessly on ‘Discarded‘ which sees vocalist Jazmine Luders put in an incredibly hate charged performance of growls and snarl – Cycles Of Grief is fitted with such a shattering amount of pace that the EP seems to finish just seconds after it has begun.

This early on in their tenure as a band, Cursed Earth were in need of making an impact. Cycles Of Grief is much more than an impact though, it’s a forceful stamp of colossus sized riffs and blast beats. Seemingly out of nowhere Cursed Earth have become a name that as a result of this EP will carry real weight with them. If you weren’t aware of or excited about this band previously, you will be now.

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