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Crown The Empire – Retrograde | Album Review

Crown The Empire’s Retrograde is a very truthful story which brings to light many personal journeys for the band in a creative and new melodic way.

Source: Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

Crown The Empire have now released their new album Retrograde which is a follow-up to previous album The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways. Rise Of The Resistance as you may well know or not is a tale of  the rebels otherwise known as ‘the runaways‘ standing above authority and restrictive regimes taking place in an apocalyptic world. Retrograde continues this story but takes a more personal reflection for the band where they focus more on Crown The Empire as a band and how they have evolved to who they are now. The Dallas’ band sounds has changed quite obviously and for the better which is very evident in this album.

Retrograde appears to have 3 sections stylistically where by the sixth track – ‘The Fear Is Real’ – becomes overrun by techno sounds which remind us of a retro space or sci-fi platform game with pixelated asteroids. ‘The Fear Is Real’ is a very distinct change from ‘Hologram’ the previous track which is very heartfelt and honest. And it is very contradictory as the sounds which are created are synthetic with drum loops and a synthesiser paired heavily with overdrive which is a very effective contrast.

Overall the heaviness of the instruments are still there with added distortion and depth of the pitch range like in ‘Lucky Us,’ however the piercing screams are less prominent than in other albums and the vocals are exploited emotionally in a different way. For example ‘Are You Coming With’ features whisper style vocals which have an eerie effect on the track rather than a very distinct and powerful impact like the screamed parts do.

Overall Crown The Empire’s Retrograde is a very truthful story which brings to light many personal journeys for the band themselves in a creative and new melodic way which may not be completely expected of the band.

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