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Crossfaith – Freedom | EP Review

Osaka metal band Crossfaith are back with a new EP, does it do enough to give the tech metallers in the limelight?

Source: EP Artwork

Japanese part metal, part rave band Crossfaith have made a name for themselves over the past 5-6 years thanks to their incredible live energy, hard hitting sound, and at times bewildering ability to blend together two opposing genres and have the result be a sound that creates a quiveringly intense atmosphere.

Weighing at a mere three tracks, Freedom is an EP that sticks to the pathway of bringing uncountable levels of intensity in its 12 minute lifespan. As expected – the party vibe is there, the mosh vibe is there, the stomp vibe is there – but its quite a lot more than just a carbon copy of previous Crossfaith efforts in different rearrangements.

The title track featuring Enter Shikari frontman Rou Reynolds expectedly brings with it all the starpower you’d expect, as well as techno blasts, Rou’s captivating rap presence, and one hell of a kicking riff to begin proceedings. It’s a real opus of a song.

‘Rockstar Steady’ and ‘Diavolos’ follow in somewhat similar tones, but with the former having the kind of wall-shaking, dancing bounce found on previous Crossfaith hits like Eclipse. While the latter has a wonderfully hooking chorus which brings with it an element of song writing from the Japanese tech metallers that hasn’t been shown too often in the past, and it’s wonderfully refreshing.

Freedom for the most part is Crossfaith doing what they have already proven they’re great at, but what’s wrong with that? The Osaka superstars continue to find new ways to bring their impressive blend of styles to the forefront, it doesn’t get boring, and somehow – it never gets predictable. Crossfaith continue to prove to their audience that you can always rely on them to give you something positively exciting.

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