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Connan Mockasin & Dev Hynes – Marfa Myths 001 | EP Review

When Mockasin meets Hynes!

Marfa Myths 001

Source: Official Artwork

Connan Mockasin & Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes came together for the Marfa Myths Festival this past March in Marfa, Texas, and spent a week prior to the festival in the studio creating Marfa Myths 001.

Mockasin and Hynes had met years ago in London and since then had bumped into each other a couple of times, but had never collaborated before and they did not even discuss Marfa Myths 001 before going into the studio to compose and record it. While Marfa Myths 001 is the first collaboration for the pair you would never be able to tell, as the songs feel so cohesive and the two putting their sounds together feels so right for your ears. The EP has a very old school vibe, 70’s funk meets 80’s pop. While only three songs, Mockasin and Hynes give you a vast array of sounds, starting with a song you can dance to, ‘La Fat Fur’, then slowing it down a bit with a Marvin Gaye-esque tune in ‘Feelin’ Love’ and finishing it out with an even slower and relaxing song, ‘Big Distant Crush’. With ‘Big Distant Crush’ being almost five minutes long though, it does starts to drag and takes away a bit of it’s magic. Towards the end of the song, it begins to feel as though they had another idea and could have made a whole other song.

Marfa Myths 001 is an EP of love songs, so the fact that they decided to go with different musical genres for each song on the album is very refreshing to hear. No matter what sound you’re looking for, you can find something you love on this EP.

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