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Columbus – A Hot Take On Heartbreak | Album Review

Aussie trio Columbus are about to release their sophomore album ‘Hot Take On Heartbreak’. Check out what we thought of it here!

Columbus album

Source: Album Artwork

Australian trio Columbus is about to release their sophomore album A Hot Take On Heartbreak on the 25th May.

The 3-piece, who originally began their career playing pop-punk tunes, decided to take the band in a new direction after touring their debut record Spring Forever. The band has grown and nailed down exactly what kind of music they want to make. And this new, alt-rock inspired sound is showcased in their new album A Hot Take On Heartbreak.

The record opens with the Weezer inspired ‘I Don’t Know How To Act’. The punchy, upbeat tune drips with 90s/early 00s enthusiasm and immediately sets the tone for the bubbly, energetic album. The track is an immediate winner with its catchy riffs and animated vocals.

‘Care At All’ is slightly softer and subtler than the first track. It almost sounds like a pop-punk The All American Rejects hybrid. The soft track features gang vocals, smooth, warm guitars, and steady, understated drums. Similarly, ‘Give Up’ also showcases a subtle, delicate melody, however, is much moodier and emo than the former.

‘Woke Up With A Heart Attack’ begins as a sweet, but typical pop-punk tune. The soft, twinkly guitar is throughout the song but gets louder with the vibrant, melodious chorus. ‘Cut It Out’ is a darker alt-rock tune with thick, moody riffs and a singable chorus filled with oooh ooh ooh’s. Elsewhere, closing track ‘Feel This Way’ tugs at heartstrings with its delicate, acoustic nature and its emo undertones.

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