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Carcer City- Infinite // Unknown | Album Review

After what has felt like a lifetime, Liverpool’s Carcer City have come back swinging with their new album Infinite // Unknown.

Carcer City

Source: Album Artwork

After 4 years away and a tragic tour accident, Liverpool’s Carcer City have sprung back with both barrels loaded under US label Stay Sick Recordings, to release their brand new album Infinite // Unknown.

It is 12 tracks of technical allure, seductive breakdowns, haunting melodies and some of the finest song writing skills you’ve ever heard, allowing it to appeal to the entire metal spectrum and demonstrating just how far they have come since their debut offering, ‘The Road Journals.’

The initial introduction to Infinite // Unknown begins withInfiltrator’, a track that fills you with a certain unease about what you’ve gotten yourself into but then, as the beat kicks in, you start to feel the familiarities of Carcer City’s distinct sound. However, it’s not until you reach the title track four songs in that you realise you’ve stumbled upon something unexpected. This cathartic addition, to an already emotionally charged album, sits perfectly between two contrasting tracks and acts as the perfect poster for what the band are trying to achieve.

The highlight was, without any doubt, just over half way through and the explosive track ‘Sovereign’. With such an outstanding display of technical dexterity, not to mention the captivating euphoria that surrounds each verse, it’s refreshing to hear the band’s original flair still ever present amongst so much musical change.

In order to stay objective, a low point is a must for any review but, if honesty is to have any say, there simply wasn’t a low point. This highly anticipated record is just as fierce and unforgiving as we had all hoped. It radiates passion and determination from start to finish, which allows this album to stand up as one of 2016’s biggest competitors.

So whatever you’re doing today, find some time to check this out and you will not be disappointed.

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