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Can’t Swim – Death Deserves A Name | EP Review

We took a listen to Death Deserves A Name, the new EP from New Jersey rockers, Can’t Swim. Find out what we thought inside.

can't swim

Source: EP Artwork

New Jersey’s very own Can’t Swim are here, with a brand new EP. It’s got a picture of a girl with tape over her mouth, with the bands name written on the tape in black and white, as the artwork. That’s pretty much all we’ve got to work with so far. So let’s buckle up and take a listen to the five tracks of trashy rock tunes coming right at us for the next fifteen minutes.

So, kicking off with some filthy bass and drums before roaring guitars and growly vocals come flying in from all angles, ‘Your Clothes‘ is an enjoyable two minute romp that channels the spirits of new Bring Me The Horizon and Frank Iero, with just a dash of the heavier side of the Foo Fighters. There’s an almost punk like energy here, which becomes more and more present as the record plays on. ‘Way It Was‘, ‘Right Choice‘ and ‘Come Home‘ wonder into an almost emo territory, sounding like Moose Blood and Jimmy Eat World spawned a new super-group. Yet, each track, although not bad, doesn’t seem to differentiate from the next. To the casual listener, you couldn’t be angry for losing track of where one song ends and another begins. It’s good, serviceable rock, but it is only the opening, the EP’s title track and closing number that really stand out. However, they stand out with such excellence, it leaves the listener wondering if a simple change in order of tracks could be the remedy needed. Sure enough, switching round literally two songs around absolutely works, making each stand out as an individual entity (we recommend playing the tracks in this order: 2, 1, 3, 4, 5).

Great stuff from these folks, which we highly recommend you listen to. Just not in the order they’re delivered. Bring on the next release!

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