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Can Radkey Recreate The Punk Rock Sound Of Old With Dark Black Makeup?

Can Radkey recreate the punk rock sounds of old with with their debut album Dark Black Makeup?

Source: Official Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

There’s something almost refreshing these days when you hear good old fashioned punk rock music, but more importantly, when that same old fashioned punk rock music is performed, and crafted with passion and precision. Radkey, if you don’t know by now, are a three piece band from Missouri in the US, and are all brothers, which will only prove to improve how tight nit this band are, and how well they perform together. They came together in 2010, and since then have been on a massive journey up the ranks of the music world. It doesn’t seem like it was 2 years ago since the three boys from America appeared on Jools Holland, as well as performing at our very own Download Festival in the same year.

2015 is a landmark year for the band, and with their debut full length album Dark Black Makeup, they are certainly set to light the world on fire. The album starts off incredibly strong, kicking off a monumental album with the album’s namesake. ‘Dark Black Makeup’, is groovy, not too fast paced, and overall a fantastic foot tapping romp. ‘Dark Black Makeup’ sets up the album’s sound perfectly; it doesn’t lull you into a sense of insecurity by having an explosive opening track, to then wind things down. You know exactly what you’re getting from the first note, and what you do get is a no nonsense punk rock album, which although may sound slightly rough around the edges, adds just another layer to what you’re listening to and represents exactly what punk rock used to be.

Each track is an alteration on the last. Nothing’s really mixed up too much throughout the album. That could be seen as a drawback, but when your sound, may be retro in a sense, but original in this modern world, you can certainly just tweak each track here and there to provide them with their own individual identity. Speaking of which, the three brothers, Isaiah on bass, Solomon on drums, and Dee with the lead guitar and vocals all perform their own roles to a tee. It may not be jaw dropping skill, but they’ve used what they know to create perfectly groovy and solid tracks.

The classic punk rock sound can honestly get dated very quickly. People have tried to recreate it since the 80’s and 90’s but honestly no one has come too close to creating something both authentic and at the same time competent. Radkey have risen from their inception in 2010 to creating something both retro and incredibly enjoyable. There will be questions in the future surrounding whether or not they can incorporate more variety into their music, but for now what they have created is more than capable to fill a void that not many people saw in modern day music.

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