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Body Count – Manslaughter | Album Review

Body Count have released their first album in eight years. Find out what HTF thought of Manslaughter inside.

Credit: Album Cover

Body Count are back, motherfuckers. 8 years on from their last offering Murder 4 Hire, Ice-T and co. have unleashed Manslaughter, their fifth studio album which is just as boisterous and outright naughty as anything they have previously released. You already know the drill – Rap meets Thrash in a competitive, yet harmonious way, with both sides attempting to out-muscle one another and gain as much turf as possible – but it’s still as badass as ever before.

Talk Shit, Get Shot‘ exploded on to the internet some two months ahead of official release, announcing their return in deadly serious fashion. There’s some huge riffs on offer in their comeback single, adding cross-armed backing to Ice-T‘s threat-talk, and it’s as if the nu-metal era never fell out of favour. If BBC One audiences were ever treated to a glimpse of Phil Mitchell‘s iPod, he would have this track on, without question.

Things get bouncy on ‘Back to Rehab‘ before shit gets really serious on ‘Manslaughter‘, and it’s these more mature moments that add credibility to the record. Of course, there’s plenty of nonsense, from the bizarre narrative of ‘Institutionalized 2014‘ to the borderline sexist ‘Bitch in the Pit‘, but they are clearly used as comic relief. Above all, though, you can tell that Body Count is serious, and that’s never clearer than on ‘Pop Bubble‘. Featuring Hatebreed‘s Jamey Jasta, the pair spout their disgust at the music industry in no uncertain terms, by-passing symbolism or clever lyricism to hit home the agreeable message.

There’s a lot more to Manslaughter than just dragging up Rap Metal again. In amongst all the “bitches” and “n” words, the album deals with a number of contemporary and relevant issues – gangs, crime, substance abuse, poverty, war, to name a few – and that mustn’t be overlooked in the search for a quick nostalgia fix.

On a lighter note, you said nu-metal is dead? “Bullshit”.

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