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Beggarz Fixx – Rouse The Rabble | E.P Review

Here is what we thought of Beggarz Fixx’s latest E.P ‘Rouse The Rabble’…

Credit: PR

UK Rock ‘n’ Roll band Beggarz Fixx are set to release their debut EP ‘Rouse The Rabble’ on Monday 8th September. The initial track taken from the album – ‘…And The Devil You Know’ – may include a range of playful instrumentation but the vocals produced by lead vocalist Chazza mask this and consume the listener’s experience. The ‘vocals’ produced confuse the way in which the band have labelled themselves. Talking as if he is having a day to day conversation, Chazza seems to have blurred the realms between screaming and clean vocals and as a result, has produced a new sub genre… speaking.

The next song on the album ‘Outta Control’ moves in an upwards direction, with the introduction of stronger rock vocals which reminisce the sound of 80s rock and add a contemporary sound, this song showcases the band’s musical abilities more apparently.

‘Sick N’ Tired’ is the fifth track of the album and it’s quite obvious that Rouse The Rabble is a progressive album. Each track marks development- it feels as if we witness the better tracks throughout the second half of the E.P. With the inclusion of clever riffs, a solid drum beat and rock ‘n’ roll vocals/scream vocals, this song (and many of the later songs) redeem the initial judgement we had prescribed on the album after listening to the introductory track.

Concluding the album with ‘Walking’, Beggarz Fixx show a slower, acoustic and slightly unfamiliar sound. ‘Walking’ finalises the album in a nice and original way, as the song progresses, so does the tempo which in turn launches a heavier sound which is recognisably associated with the band. This song has the potential to launch the quintet into the rock ‘n’ roll limelight.

They undoubtedly could have polished elements of the E.P a little more by focusing more on the first half, nonetheless, we really enjoyed the second half and we aren’t denying the band some great riffs, classic 80s vocals and of course, they all have long locks – pure hair envy.

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