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Bad Ideas – The Better Parts Of You | EP Review

Leeds based quartet Bad Ideas are set to release their upcoming EP The Better Parts Of You this November. Find out what we thought here!

Credit: Album Cover/Trail Of Press

In today’s music world, the design of genre-bending is seen all too often. Its people’s way of expressing that no single track has to be confined into the boundaries of one context. Sometimes it doesn’t pay off, but then sometimes you stumble upon a rare beauty that comprises this talent all too well. Leeds based quartet Bad Ideas have done exactly that. Don’t be fooled by the name though, as their upcoming EP The Better Parts Of You is nothing short of a fine idea. Get ready for a four-track piece of work that shifts its way through the elements of rock, punk, folk, and indie. Is there anymore guys?

The EP’s first offering ‘I Prefer You Way Beyond Inebriated’ is an instantaneous ball of energy as swift drum beats meet bubbly riffs, intertwined with a Lower Than Atlantis style vocality. The track shifts from moments that burst all guns blazing to softer, more acoustic allure. However, its when the track draws to its closing moments that the combination of genres really comes alive. Points of punk electric rotate around folk infused guitar lines that work in harmony together.

This filters in blissfully to second track ‘Clumsy Hands’, and that its certainly not. This track lends itself to more indie inspired rock impulses. Vocals from Sam Cook in this track are possibly the highlight of the EP. His melodic notes twist effortlessly with angst infused musical accompaniment, that in the latter of the track truly comes full circle as ‘Birds Head South’ begins. Its musical ambience is tamer than the previous two tracks, but this is a needed addition to allow the ear to stay engaged. The track has a much more folk foundation that allows Cook’s sincere lyrics to shine through.

As the EP ends with ‘Kathleen’s Advice’ in a positive manner, the sheer talents of this four-piece are truly realised. Riffs plunge around the track placidly. Its not loud, its not boisterous, and this sums up this band in one. Its clear The Better Parts Of You doesn’t try to be anything its not. It combines folk and punk, with an overall indie vibe in a way that’s extremely accessible and not easy to listen to, but a pleasure to listen to. Bad Ideas, we think you need to change your band name.

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