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Attila – Chaos | Album Review

American metal core giants, Atilla, have come backing swinging with their sixth studio album, CHAOS and it, is, FIERCE. Check it out right here!


Source : Album Artwork

Metalcore giants, Attila are causing absolute carnage with their brand new album ‘Chaos,’ which is set to be released on November 4th, courtesy of SharpTone Records.

Attila frontman Fronz spoke about how Choas is returning the band to its roots, saying, “We sat down in a room together and asked, ‘What did we do when we wrote the first few albums that we don’t do anymore?’ We realized the thing we’d stopped doing was getting together and jamming in a basement. It’s so easy for bands to sit around a computer and create music. It’s too easy to forget to jam the songs in person, on real instruments.” He continued, “Everything about CHAOS is real, because we all met up in Georgia, right near the basement where we used to meet up when we were living off Taco Bell.”

It’s with this statement that we have to highlight the importance of never straying too far away from the simple things, as the first track from the album demonstrates, keeping things to the point never did anybody any harm.

‘Ignite’ gives you no choice but to bounce your head and grit your teeth as it steps up to the plate and brings everything that makes Attila what they are. Having said that, there isn’t a single track on this album that doesn’t bring all of the above as well as something a little different.

‘Obsession’ features the unmistakable sound of a machine gun, whilst ‘Moshpit’ brings some seriously underground rapping with a mild hint of drum and bass into the mix, making this one a clear favourite. At five tracks in, this track breaks the album up perfectly and also showcases the sheer amount of talent streaming between these four Georgia boys, it also doesn’t hurt that it’s the catchiest thing since the flu.

A real contender for one of 2016’s strongest albums and one that is sure to be as timeless as Attila themselves.

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