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Architects – Bristol O2 Academy – 17/11/16 | Live Review

Metalcore bruisers, Architects are gracing the UK stages once again and this time it’s Bristol’s turn. Read on to find out why everybody is so excited.

Source: Pick Your Teeth Up Photography ©

Source: Pick Your Teeth Up Photography ©

Metalcore giants, Architects, took to the stage at Bristol’s O2 Academy to promote their latest album All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us with every date on this latest tour sold out, or at least close to it, the anticipation surrounding the show has been overwhelming from the start.

Stick To Your Guns were first on the bill to open up the evening and what a start it was. The world has watched the US metallers evolve over the last thirteen years, be it through US tours to International exploits, a shuffle of band members or their ever growing arsenal, of successful records, yet they are still consistently as ballsy and down to earth as they were on day 1. Greeted by a packed to capacity arena, the energy from the crowd was reflected in their exceptional performance of songs from their latest album Disobedient, which leant as a firm reminder that although they are considered ‘old school’ to many, they haven’t lost a shred of ability to bring the party.

Source: Pick Your Teeth Up Photography ©

Source: Pick Your Teeth Up Photography ©

As the lights fall and the stage empties, the dull murmers of an eagerly anticipating crowd, fill the room as more people pour through the doors. Although cramped, the atmosphere is one you cut with a knife as the excitement brews ahead of Bury Tomorrow.

Who are just as keen to get down to brass tax and kick things off with an explosive performance of ‘Eternal’ from their latest album Earthbound. Their presence on stage has always been an impressive one but their execution of songs such as ‘Memories,‘The Burden’ and for some of the older fans, a rendition of ‘Lionheart’ which highlighted that this band are a force to be reckoned with. They know how to show people a good time and have even better time themselves, making their set just the most enjoyable thing but it’s not long after the boys have finished wowing the crowd that the part everybody has been waiting for, finally arrived.

Source: Pick Your Teeth Up Photography ©

Source: Pick Your Teeth Up Photography ©

Architects. A band we have all grown up listening to, enjoying and most of all respecting as one of the most hard working gentleman in the business stand before the crowd, draped behind a Kabuki tent and a string of CO2 Jets. The drop of the tent and the explosion of CO2 completely sets the room alight with awe and the atmosphere becomes something indescribable. ‘Nihilist’, Death Wish’ and ‘Gravity’ are first up are from the bands ground-breaking new album All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us. It’s difficult to believe that this already phenomenal album could be perfected any further but the piercing light show, which tore through the stage, only served to take the whole performance to a whole new level.

After losing Guitarist and best friend, Tom Searle earlier this year to cancer, the band have understandably changed. It’s hard to see the sadness on their faces as they play to adoring crowds without Searle, but their performance has become overwhelmed with such conviction that it’s difficult not to keep your jaw off the floor. The sincere appreciation of the support they receive from their fans is the most refreshing and humbling thing about Architects and it’s with this, coupled with the true passion for what they do, they are easily the best live band to come out of the UK.

This show was truly something for them all, Tom Included, to be proud of.

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