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Alone With Wolves – The End of Nothing | EP Review

‘The End of Nothing’ is the second EP from Hertfordshire metal band Alone With Wolves. Read our verdict here.

Credit: Album Cover

The End of Nothing’ is the second EP from Hertfordshire based metalcore band Alone With Wolves. Their sound is typical metalcore, with heavy breakdowns and soaring melodic choruses, which are boosted by the powerful voice of Danilo Fiocco. The band cite some influences from outside of the standard metalcore canon, including the likes of 30 Seconds to Mars, and while this isn’t instantly noticeable in their music, it might be the reason that the melodies in their songs are so strong, putting them a step above other bands in the genre.

Cutting Ties’ opens the record with a slick guitar line and energetic, dual vocal verses. There’s nothing particularly memorable going on, although it all builds up to a satisfying ending. The title track keeps the lightning fast pace, with more of a cliché metalcore structure. Scream led verses give way to a sung chorus. Two minutes into the track, though, a monstrous breakdown kicks the track into gear and Fiocco displays his impressive vocal range, topping off another track that comes to life right before it ends.

My Life in Your Hands’, with it’s blast beat opening takes the heaviness up a notch, and some creative breakdown structures help keep things interesting. Again the clean vocals stand out, and they have the chance to shine further on the softer track ‘The Change’. It’s a real breath of fresh air for a metalcore EP, and a lesson to other bands that not every track has to try and out-heavy the last.

Having said that, closing track ‘With You in Mind’ hits a good balance, with some of the band’s heaviest moments so far set against more strong and impassioned clean vocals. It tells the story of The End of Nothing, a diverse EP which breathes new life into the tired metalcore formula – a strong start for a much improved Alone With Wolves.

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