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Review: Protest The Hero – Volition (Album)

Canadian progressive metal mob Protest The Hero have returned with their fantastic new album Volition! Check out what we had to say about it…

Band: Protest The Hero
Release: Volition
Release Date: Out Now!

Protest The Hero have unleashed their brand new album ‘Volition’: an album that might not have seen the light of day if it wasn’t for a hugely successful Indiegogo campaign as well as the help of the guys at Spinefarm Records, ‘Volition’ was given a lifeline. It’s a good job it did, Protest The Hero have produced something that could well be their most revered album, from the minute you press play it is an onslaught of well written progressive metal!

The album opens up in true PTH fashion, with ‘Clarity’ underlining what this band is all about, blistering guitar hooks, soaring vocals from Rody Walker and musical technicality, it slaps you right around the face and prepares you for the storm you are about to enter. We also get to taste the drumming talent’s of Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler, who was brought in to do drumming duties on this album, his skills are impeccable and in keeping to the PTH sound, but with a more refined edge.

Major credit has to go to guitarist Luke Hoskin and Tim Millar, who seemed to be locked in a guitar duel all the way throughout this album. The riffs just roll out of their guitars and sound absolutely effortless, while at the same time sounding fucking huge, the hooks are sweet and the riffs will melt your face, tracks like ‘Without Prejudice’ and ‘Yellow Teeth’ are mesmerizing.

Each member of this band has really brought their A game to this album and its not often you get to say this, but bassist Arif Mirabdolbaghi has produced one of the best bass performances in recent times and everyone should take note. When his bass solo drops in ‘Without Prejudice’, it is eruptive and it’s allowed to shine, like a lead guitarists solo would shine, the workmanship shown is outstanding.

 ‘Plato’s Tripartite‘ sees folk singer Jadea Kelly lend her vocals to a track that starts with some blistering guitar riffs and some rip-roaring vocals, but the end sees things calm down with a folky acoustics and Kelly bringing in her angelic vocals, it adds some variety to the track. The anti is upped yet again with following track ‘A Life Embossed’ leaning towards a more trashy feel, its destructive, heavy and Walker produces some pretty aggressive death metal styled screams, definitely a track for the mosh pit.

Just when you think the album is going to close quietly, with ‘Skies’ opening with slow burning riff and clean cut vocals, the song drops and chaos ensues once more, making sure that the listener leaves this album feeling captivated and pumped up! The 6 minute beast brings a close to quite possibly one of the best progressive metal albums of the year.

‘Volition‘ brings together all the best components of this band into one concicse concoction, which is quite frankly mind-blowing, all the elements are there for this to be their best record yet!


Review by: James Hingle

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