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Aiden’s Final Tour Hits London’s Underworld For The Last Time | Live Review

Here at MOSH, we went to see Aiden’s final ever show at Camden Underworld. Look inside to find out what we thought.


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Picture the scene if you will: Sunday night at the Camden Underworld, a hundred or so goths all stand awaiting the final performance of one of their favourite bands. The excitement among them is palpable. This may be the second or third night of this weekend in which they’ve waited patiently for the same band to take to the stage. Yet tonight is different. Tonight is the last time they will ever get to see tonight’s headliners play live. Tonight, we are gathered here to see the final moments of Aiden, a band who have soundtracked the lives of pretty much any rock lover who’s ever worn their eyeliner thick, their black jeans tight and their fringe over one eye, for the last decade. It’s the end of an era and we’re here to celebrate. Does the ending live up to the hype though? Well, let’s go through it all.

The Underworld is the perfect choice of venue for the evenings proceedings. Hot, sweaty and intimate (all sounds a little saucy to me), it has all the right aesthetics to match the bands gritty goth-punk image. Flying on stage and straight into one of only two new tracks played tonight ‘Crawling Up From Hell’ which is met with the same excitement as the older tracks. They then crash into a rendition of fan favourite ‘We Sleep Forever‘, it’c clear that the band are ready to let loose one last time, held back only by a not so swell mix from the sound-desk. There are moments where with the assistance of an excellent audience, the vocals are almost lost entirely. However the band, in true punk spirit, seem unphased and carry on with a set that is essentially a tour of the greatest hits, topped with brand new song of ‘New Grave‘ with a guest appearance with Ashestoangels front-man Adam Crilly. Complete with a performance of the bands seminal album, ‘Nightmare Anatomy‘ in it’s entirety, it’s a set that keeps the room happy and the party pumping.

Right through to the end, it’s clear to see Aiden are giving there all one last time, sounding the closest to their earlier (and arguably best) days than they have in any of their more recent outings. It’s an emotional evening and when the curtains finally fall, there is a sense of sadness that falls upon those in attendance. Not to fear though, there will still be William Control to keep us all going! A great ending to a band who, although they may not have found the commercial super-stardom some of their peers (such as My Chemical Romance) managed to, still influenced and continue the generations dressed in black (this writer very much included).

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