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Agave Healing Oil Shampoo And Conditioner | Beauty Review | July 2014

We decided to put the Agave smoothing treatment shampoo and conditioner to the test. Find out what we thought here.

Source: Bionic Inc

Source: Bionic Inc

We recently did a review here at Hit The Floor Magazine of Agave Healing Oil and we overwhelmingly loved it. So we decided to try the shampoo and conditioner. Like the oil, it contains agave plant sugars and moisturizing emollients.

We of course started with the shampoo, but as we lathered our hair, at first it felt quite dry in certain spots. It felt like left over styling product wasn’t quite washed out. So we gave it another wash and lather. It still felt dry after rinsing, but we still had the conditioner to put on. After waiting about 4 min for the conditioner to set in, it was rinsing time. Wow, what a difference! The dry feeling was gone.

Our hair felt soft and smooth, and that was wet believe it or not. The blow drying time was also half of what it would normally be. Agave promotes its shampoo and conditioner with a formula which hydrates and smooths with moisturizing emollients, ‘while preserving hair color for gorgeous results each time you wash’. It fulfills it promise. Our hair and ends look smooth and the color actually looks brighter. We were hesitant at first with the shampoo but it wasn’t what we expected. It’s amazing, along with the conditioner and, of course, the healing oil.

The entire collection of Agave smoothing line products is one that must be tried to experience for yourself.  Agave can be purchased at and other beauty retailers.

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